Community Enhanced Search Results – The Future?

It would appear that Google has been developing along with others the capacity to incorporate Digg style voting on search results. This is likely to be popular, but it will require robust measures to prevent items being buried otherwise there will be no improvement over the current outcomes.

Voting on or responding to ‘voting’ on outcomes has produced some knee jerk issues in the ‘real world’. With the advent of this capacity are we to suffer lots more of this within the information sphere? How quickly might the integrity of the information you seek be reduced? Wikipedia anyone? If the results begin to resemble a Jerry Springer show and popular is used to replace accurate then we will have created a new way of making our information mining lives harder.

It will be important to have the capacity to choose between ‘standard’ and ‘community enhanced’ search results.


~ by Simon Hancock on July 17, 2008.

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