What Happens on Tour stays on Tour

Longer ago than I care to mention I was on a stag event overseas.  It was the first time that I remember hearing the term “What Happens on Tour stays on Tour”.  Now this was a lighthearted serious statement to ensure that all parties new the position.  The same or similar comment has been used by millions no doubt.  With this comes the capacity for reasonably robust information management.  Were you there?  Then you can discuss events.  If not then you get nothing.  This also appears to work by establishing trust relationships that produce a reputation.  Once a suitable reputation for Information Management (or keeping quiet if you prefer) is established then further events appear to be available.  Failure to adhere to the code and a reputation for Information Leakage is produced.  This tends to result in little or no further event invites at best or ‘direct action’ at worst.


If this system works well for many people and situations and no further training, guidance and participant awareness campaigns are needed why is it completely impossible for individuals working for the private and public sector to protect their information assets?

You could be forgiven for not managing to keep up with the sunami of Information Security issues this last 7 days.  Here are a few links to remind yourself of how well everyone is doing.





These events seem to continue like aftershocks despite policies, procedures and guidlines.


They do demonstrate that despite the recent hysteria around IT issues that Information Assurance is a broader topic.  People will still pick up paper and walk out of the door with it.

~ by Simon Hancock on June 18, 2008.

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